The Inaugural Post

Hey everyone!

Forgive this rookie for a fairly basic first post. I have never run a blog before, but today I felt overwhelmed with what I was hearing and seeing on social media and the straw finally broke the camel’s back. I needed an outlet.

Today is International Women’s Day and I am vv proud to see tons of people standing up for themselves and the women in their lives. However, for as many positive things I saw, there were also negative comments. Anti-feminist comments being posted today of all days by people who I considered to be educated, informed, and, frankly, better than that.

I suppose the theme for this post is: it’s never too late to start. I wrote a little about this this in the About section of this blog, but I’ll reiterate. I am a law student, 25, female, Ojibwe (among other things). Until recently I considered myself well-read, educated, and wise to the ways of the world. I was ignorant to a lot of social justices issues, including women’s rights and feminism, for a long time as I’ve lived a privileged life thus far, and have never been personally victimized by them. It wasn’t until a friend introduced me to the issue in a different light that I began to see it was bigger than me, and the way I felt it did or didn’t affect me. I’ve been woke for just under a year now, and I want other people to realize the way that I did.

Whoever you are and whatever you identify as, feminism is for you. Once and for all, feminism is a movement for human equality. And if this angers you, think of the most important woman in your life. How would you feel knowing she’s made less money her whole life than her male counterpart, or that she’s likely been sexualized or objectified, or thought of as less-than, just because she’s a woman. If this “doesn’t apply to you”, then you’re a robot and congratulations for fooling us this whole time.

But if this angers you in a good way, if you want to be a part of something and make your voice heard, follow me. Together we can wake the world up.

– D

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